Our Victorian-costumed, a cappella, SATB caroling quartets have been performing throughout the Puget Sound since 1978. With a typical cast of 45–50 singers, we are the largest and longest-running caroling organization in the Northwest. If you haven’t seen us yet, check us out on CBS Sunday Morning.

We re-audition the full cast every year, and usually cast 10–15 new carolers. Choral and/or a cappella experience helps, but isn’t required. As is often the case in the performing arts, we generally see more women applicants, so men are always encouraged to audition. Our goal is to reflect our broader community, so we encourage applicants of all ages, ethnicities, religions and orientations. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced pro or an eager amateur, we just want to find talented people to join us in sharing goodwill to all.

Auditions are held in early August, and rehearsals September through November (every Sunday evening plus one more TBD), then you perform from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

If cast, you set your schedule, and we do our best to fill it with gigs. First year carolers make $27 – $33 per hour, with $30 being fairly typical. And once you’re past your first season, the pay improves as you do (up to $38). Your availability largely determines your number of performance hours. A caroler cast into a full-time quartet makes about $1,900 – 3,000 for the season. Part-time (evenings and weekends or daytimes and weekends) makes about $1,000 – 2,000. Weekend-only (Fri evening to Sun evening) makes about $700 – 1,200.

We film ourselves at rehearsals to get better faster.


The audition will last about 8 minutes and some parts will timed. Please don’t be offended if we have to stop you. There are three main parts:

  1. We want to know how you might speak to an audience as a caroler.

    Please prepare a holiday monologue, about 20–30 seconds in length. (We will stop you at 40 seconds.) This is not a traditional “actor’s monologue” or “in character.” Just talk to us. Above all else, we want you to be yourself! You could share your thoughts or memories of a favorite holiday experience. You could give an introduction to the song you’re going to sing, explaining what it means to you or why you chose it. You could share a bit of a favorite holiday poem, reading or lyric and explain what makes it special to you.

  2. We want to hear your singing voice.

    Next, you’ll sing a verse of a Christmas song of your choosing, a cappella, unaccompanied, any style. Don’t try to impress us by picking a song that stretches the limits of your range, ability or memory. Choose a song that you’re comfortable with so you can sing it well. Be aware that we may also ask you to sing a few bars of another familiar carol if we want to hear another aspect of your voice.

  3. We want to hear you sing in harmony.

    For the third and final part of the audition, you’ll get to sing in a quartet. You’ll prepare your part in advance using both PDF sheet music and MP3 audio files that we send you. It will be one verse of a simple, well-known, SATB carol, which is enough to show how you blend, balance and engage with the other singers.

Yep, another quartet rehearsing. It’s what we do.


  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your audition appointment to fill out paperwork.
  • Bring your calendar. Part of the paperwork is a schedule of your availability for the season.
  • Bring a resume and headshot if you have them. If not, that’s completely fine.
  • Pencil the callback date into your calendar, so you’ll be available if we need to see you again.
  • We will contact you about a week prior to callbacks to let you if we need to see you again.
  • Callbacks will be Sunday, August 25, 2019, 6:00–9:30pm.

Car selfie on the way to a gig!


Auditions are held at:

Bellevue Church of Christ
10419 SE 11th St
Bellevue, WA 98004

If you’re heading South on Bellevue Way, like you’re coming from Bellevue Square Mall, go past Main Street, then take a right onto SE 11th. It’s the second entrance on the left.

Phone numbers where you can reach us the night of auditions are:

(We give more than one because reception is sometimes bad.)


Click here to submit your name as a potential caroler!

If you’re submitting yourself between September and July, don’t expect to hear from us right away. We’re “making a list” but the “checking it twice” part doesn’t happen until July, when we start contacting everyone to set audition appointments.

Feel free to call us (206-320-7007) with additional questions as well. This page is intended to answer most of your questions but we know there may be others.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to meeting you!